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What are the advantages of Stone composite board
May 15, 2018

There are many types of plates, common gypsum board, wood, plywood, etc., do not know if you have heard of stone composite board? Stone composite board is made of composite board made of stone and sheet material. There are many advantages of stone composite board. Its strength is high, and it is easy to install. Today we will introduce the advantages of stone composite board.

Light weight

Marble composite panels can be as thin as 3 to 5mm thick (combined with aluminum-plastic panels). Commonly used composite tiles or granites are only about 12mm thick, which saves a lot of costs in terms of transportation, and it is the best choice for building with load restrictions.

2. High strength

After the combination of marble, ceramic tile, granite and aluminum honeycomb panel, its bending strength, bending strength and shear strength are obviously improved, which greatly reduces the breakage rate during transportation, installation and use.

3. Improved anti-pollution ability

Ordinary marble original board (all-body board) during the installation process or later, if wetted with cement, it is possible that after six months or one year, various discolorations and stains appear on the surface of the marble and it is very difficult to remove. The composite plate avoids this situation because its bottom plate is more rigid and dense, as well as a thin layer of glue.

4. easier to control the color difference

Because the marble composite panel is cut into 3 or 4 pieces with 1m2 original plate (body plate), its pattern and color are almost the same as 100% of the original plate, so it is easier to ensure large-area use.

5. Easy to install

Thanks to the above features, in the installation process, regardless of weight, fragility (strength, etc.) or separation and splicing, the installation efficiency and safety are greatly improved, and the installation cost is also reduced.

6. Breakthrough the restricted area

The decorative parts of marble, whether inside or outside wall, floor, window sill, porch, table top, etc., there is no problem with common original panels (all panels). No matter whether the ceiling is marble or granite, any decoration company dares not to May take this risk. The composite panels of marble and aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum honeycombs broke through the restricted area of this stone decoration. Because it's very lightweight, it weighs from 1/5 to 1/10 of the entire body board. If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it must belong to it.

7. Soundproofing, moistureproof

Composite panels made of aluminum honeycomb panels and marble, because of its use of equilateral hexagonal hollow aluminum bee core has soundproofing, moisture-proof, heat insulation, cold performance. Therefore, these characteristics far exceed the performance characteristics that the entire board does not have.

8. Energy saving and consumption reduction

Because of its soundproof, moisture-proof and heat-preserving properties, stone-aluminum honeycomb composite panels can greatly reduce the consumption of electrical energy and heat energy when installed outdoors.

9. Reduce costs

Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, it saves a part of the cost in transportation and installation. Moreover, for the more expensive stone products, after the composite board is made, the cost is lower than that of the original board. Marble composite board has both the performance characteristics of natural stone and the comparative advantages in practical performance. This also determines the sustainable development trend of its future market. The extensive use of more and more countries and regions in the international market has also verified the market development trend of marble composite panels.

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    Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,Ltd
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